Ian Yang

Ian Yang

Chief Financial Officer

CanaGen Bio Inc

Ian Yang is a seasoned business facilitator with a rich background spanning over a decade in corporate development, strategy, and financial solutions. With a remarkable track record of providing strategic insights and fostering corporate growth, Ian has become a pivotal figure in the finance and corporate strategy sectors across North America and the Asia Pacific.

As Chief Financial Officer at CanaGen Bio Inc. and Chief Corporate Development Officer at Gene Bio Medical, Ian played a crucial role in positioning companies among the top Life Sciences entities in British Columbia. His leadership skills have been instrumental in managing and guiding cross-functional teams to achieve unparalleled success. Ian’s educational journey is as impressive as his professional one, holding a Master of Finance from Smith School of Business at Queen’s University and an MBA from New York Institute of Technology, both with distinction and scholarships for academic excellence. His commitment to lifelong learning and professional development is underscored by his designations as a Fellow of Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) and a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM).

Beyond his corporate achievements, Ian’s influence extends to venture capital, where he has made significant investments in technology and innovation, contributing to the disruption of traditional industries and supporting startup ecosystems. His dedication is evident through his numerous board and advisory roles, where he contributes to the strategic direction and governance of various organizations and initiatives. Ian’s blend of strategic vision, financial acumen, and commitment to making a positive impact makes him an influential leader in both the business world and the broader community.