Combustible Dust Prevention Guidebook

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC is proud to introduce the Combustible Dust Prevention Guide, a source of guidance to an organization in implementing an combustible dust program at their workplace.

This Combustible Dust Prevention Guide, produced by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, has been developed to provide practical information for determining if a combustible dust hazard is present and how to deal with that hazard. This guide was developed in consideration of WorkSafeBC’s OHS regulations 4.46 to 4.53 which covers the risk factors, identification by assessment and controls to be put in place.

Ways the Alliance Can Help You

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC employs a team of knowledgeable and experienced Safety Advisors who are available for general consultation – a service that is included with membership.

Combustible Dust Training

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance has developed free online training courses for managers, workers, and contractors to help with combustible dust awareness training. To access these courses, as well as other online training and resources, visit the Alliance’s Online Learning Center to create your free account.

Combustible Dust Assessment

Companies can hire the Alliance to produce a combustible dust hazard assessment report and management plan for their facility.

STEP 1: Consultation

First things first, we want to find out your risk level!  During this step, an advisor will come out to your facility to determine if you have a combination of conditions that put you at risk.

STEP 2: The proposal

If an assessment is needed, the program administrator will send you a service proposal. This will outline the costs and deliverables based on the findings from the consultation. Once this proposal is signed and returned, we can book a date for your service(s).

STEP 3: The deliverables

Our specialist advisor will complete the services agreed to in the proposal which generally includes the production an assessment report and management plan for your records. Awareness training for employees may also be recommended in order to satisfy regulatory requirements.