Flood Resources

The floods of 2021 created havoc and devastating loss for many businesses, families, and farms across B.C. Although the flood forecast is much less severe this fall, an expected La Niña weather pattern will likely bring a lot of rain once again.

We have compiled several resources available for businesses impacted by, or at risk of flooding.

If you need specific health and safety support to prepare for a disaster situation or to recover and rebuild, please reach out to our safety advisors at 604.795.9595.

Conducting a Hazard Assessment after a floodBusinesses impacted by a flood must take steps to ensure their personal safety and their employees, including a hazard assessment. Do not enter a flood-damaged location without first reviewing the risks and putting protections from potential hazards in place.
Flood response resourcesFirst and foremost, life safety issues such as avoiding electrical shock and carbon monoxide poisoning must be considered before any cleanup or response is initiated.
Helping employers to prepare for emergenciesUnder the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation — specifically sections 4.13 through 4.16 and Part 32 on emergency preparedness, response, evacuation, and rescue — all employers are expected to plan, prepare, and train their employees for all emergencies.
Flood preparedness and responseIn the aftermath of a flood, workers may be involved in a variety of response and recovery operations. The following are general guidelines that may be applicable to workers involved in assessing and/or cleaning up the damage to their worksite.
DriveBCUp-to-date information on driving conditions, road closures, and other road conditions in British Columbia.
Financial Assistance in a DisasterAfter a disaster, the provincial government may declare the event eligible for Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA). Once declared, the DFA program may compensate applicants for essential uninsurable losses.
EmergencyMapBCThis map is overseen by EmergencyInfoBC and serves as a general reference for current public safety conditions during emergencies.
EmergencyInfoBCEmergencyInfoBC is active during partial and full-scale provincial emergencies. They share official response and recovery sources, as well as verified event information from trusted partners.