Safety Meta World | Immersive Online Training

Inspired by the effective use of simulators in high-risk jobs like pilots and surgeons and designed by industry experts, Safety Meta World is bringing immersive learning to the world of safety.

With two courses launched and three more planned this summer, the Safety Meta World campus is poised to offer a more engaging online training experience for employees who grew up playing video games and learn faster and stay more engaged in a more hands-on, augmented reality format.

Setting the stage

These first two courses set the stage for health and safety learning with essential background information, but include some hands-on exercises that illustrate the interactive possibilities of this new online format.

Driving retention through engagement

Subsequent courses will become increasingly interactive as you progress through the growing immersive health and safety training series.

2 for 1 introductory offer

Try the first two courses now:

The Safety Meta World development team values your feedback as they develop and enhance these new online courses.