Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

The employer/manager/owner of all businesses in BC – regardless of their size – is responsible for the leadership of the safety and health programs. This includes the effectiveness and improvement of your health and safety program.  It also means, as a leader, you must provide the safeguards to ensure safe conditions for your workers.

The responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace are a shared responsibility between own/operators, supervisors/managers, and workers.

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Every successful senior executive wants to reduce costs and improve productivity and profitability. Although meeting production schedules is traditionally seen as the highest priority, a business case can be made for seeing effective safety performance as an equally viable means of improving the bottom line. The cost of poor safety performance negatively impacts the bottom […]
Leadership allows leaders to influence to achieve a quality that inspires and attracts people to follow and demonstrates that a leader acts on the cause. A strong and visible leadership can help prevent accidents, injuries, and other risks. It also helps create a high standard of safety management and health.
As humans, we lean into stories and away from lectures, which is why leaders who use storytelling get more buy in and increased productivity. In this talk, Shannon Peel explains how to use story to connect with your team, train them to do better, and inspire them to step up. This talk is for leaders […]
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All incidents are preventable Occupational Health and Safety is an ethical responsibility Occupational Health and Safety is good business Occupational Health and Safety is a shared responsibility Occupational Health and Safety is a culture Occupational health and safety objectives and goals Occupational Health and Safety is universal
Resilience has become a buzzword in the wake of the Pandemic. But truly understanding what gives us energy and what drains it—and developing strategies to shore up our reserves—is a vital life skill for every leader. And for everyone! In this interactive session with an executive coach, learn research-based keys to train your brain, manage […]
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