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Webinar | Anxiety in Uncertain Times

August 23rd, 2023 12:00-1:00PM

Dr. Steve Conway, Alliance Mental Health and Wellness Director, reviews what anxiety is and shares some common responses. Take away healthy strategies to help ourselves and our teams better cope with anxiety during times of uncertainty.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the many people impacted by the wildfires in the Central Okanagan. And so , we’re hosting this special webinar to help us better understand how anxiety affects our teams in times of crisis.  

The past week has been difficult for so many individuals and businesses across B.C. Some have been evacuated, others are on continual alert for potential evacuation, and still more are worried about their loved ones, friends, and colleagues.  We’ve invited Alliance Mental Health and Wellness Director Dr. Steve Conway to talk about the anxiety we all face in uncertain times. 

Steve joined the Alliance last fall, bringing to our team more than 30 years of experience providing mental health services and leadership coaching. He has worked in a wide range of settings with diverse populations and clinical issues—and is available to our member companies as a consultant, advisor, and trainer on workplace mental health topics. 

In this webinar you will learn

  • How we can recognize anxiety in our team members
  • How to help our teams and colleagues through anxiety
  • During times like this, or in any difficult time, how we can build ways to manage anxiety into our health and safety programs
  • As a colleague, supervisor, or friend  some recommendations on the various ways to approach those experiencing anxiety on how to talk to them about it





Presented By

Dr. Steve Conway PsyD MBA

Mental Health and Wellness Director
Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

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