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Embedding Safety in Everyday Work – The Secret to Staffing Services Success

Express Fraser Valley is an Associate Member of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC. As a partner to the sector, their priority is to effectively service clients and increase productivity by helping place qualified people in the workforce. Equally important, they share our recognition of the importance of maintaining a safe workplace.

To ensure client satisfaction while protecting people, they follow a comprehensive series of steps. If you are evaluating or using any staffing service, these are important considerations.

Staffing Safely: The 5 Safety Plays

  1. Complete a Client Safety Tour: For each client, the staffing service takes a tour of the facility. This allows them to understand the operations and common challenges faced by workers and management. They should also note and record where an employee will be working, and understand the list of job duties.
  2. Complete the Physical Requirements: Does the staffing vendor have a clear understanding of the task involved in the job? This is critical to ensure the skills and physical abilities of placements are suitable to perform the tasks required without risk of injury.
  3. Place Employees Using Recent Work Experience: How well does your staffing service match your staffing needs to experience? Expert Fraser Valley, for example, uses specific interview techniques to match potential employees with their clients’ job requirements. Some important considerations that can impact safety include physical abilities and previous work experience, type of equipment, industry experience, etc.
  4. Inform Potential Employees About Job-Related Hazards: During the assignment process, does the firm inform their potential employees about the potential safety hazards and other environmental factors that may impact their task performance? It is critical that the provider confirms with potential employees that site-specific training is provided by the client.
  5. Address High Frequency or Severity of Issues: If employees are at risk, you want a staffing provider who is paying attention. Express Pros advises in their case that if a client has high frequency or severity of issues, they visit them and perform a Client Safety Inventory to help resolve the problems and continue building strong relationships.

For more information on partnering with Express Fraser Valley to support your staffing needs for a safe and productive workforce, see their Associate Member page.

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