Brendan Talbot

Safety Advisor - Specialist, Occupational Hygienist

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC
Brendan is a Health and Safety Specialist with nearly a decade of experience garnered from a variety of industries throughout Canada, including Oil & Gas, supply chain distribution and heavy equipment manufacturing. Having held various technical and management roles such as Environmental Supervisor, EHS Manager, and Industrial Hygienist. He has penchant for troubleshooting and relies on the breadth of his experience to produce effective, practical, and sustainable solutions to workplace health and safety challenges.
Following the completion of his Master’s degree in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, Brendan specializes in Occupational Hygiene and is dedicated to the education and promotion of occupational health and the mitigation of occupational illness. Brendan enjoys all facets of health and safety, from conducting workplace ergonomic and chemical exposure assessments, to managing high-risk confined space entries. He is excited to work with B.C. manufacturing and food processing facilities to help create new health and safety programs, and optimize and enhance existing programs for the betterment of employers and employees alike.