Compliance to Prevention: Changes to BC’s OHS Regulations on Combustible Dust

July 25th, 2024 10:00-11:30AM

If your operations create dust, the new WorkSafeBC updates to combustible regulations could impact you!

Combustible dust is any fine material that can catch fire and explode. Dust from many materials is combustible—including grains, flour, sugar, cornstarch, wood, metals, textiles, and plastics. Given the proper conditions, dust even from materials that do not burn in other forms (i.e. aluminum or iron) can ignite.

The changes to the combustible dust regulations will require employers to take on a broader responsibility to ensure you have adequate health and safety programs in place to manage combustible dust. In this webinar, find out about the upcoming changes to the OHS regulations: why they are needed, and what they mean for industries in B.C.

In this webinar you will learn

  • Understand what regulatory updates are being made to the OHS Regulation on combustible dust
  • Gain insight into the timeline for when these changes will come into effect
  • Learn about the resources and services available to help you build an effective combustible dust management program

Presented By

Rodney Scollard

Senior Policy and Legal Advisor

Mike Tasker

Occupational Safety Officer, Prevention Field Services

Brendan Talbot

Safety Advisor - Specialist, Occupational Hygienist
Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

Heidi Hare CRSP

Senior Safety Advisor
Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

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