Debbie Pearmain

Debbie Pearmain

Consulting, Training, Assessments, Coaching

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Debbie is a Human Resources consultant with over 20 years’ experience in leadership development, employee engagement, change management and performance management and mental health and wellbeing. She has developed and delivered numerous Leadership, Management and Supervisory programs and is a certified Level 2 Master Facilitator and an Instructor Excellence Award winner. Debbie works as a corporate trainer, consultant and coach and is ICF certified. To see a complete list of her clients visit her website:

Debbie has worked across many diverse industries in union and non- union environments. Her industry experience includes: Non Profit, Resources, Tourism, Environmental, Bio Technology, Manufacturing, Construction, Education, Public Service, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Marketing, Legal Services, Insurance, Food Services, Health care, Transportation, Financial Services, Special Events, Agriculture, Customer Service, Products and Service, and Hospitality.

In today’s workplace the only thing you can count on is that things are going to continue to change. Change is not always easy for people to manage, and adapting is hard. Employees look to managers and health and safety leaders to help them through change.