Dr. Ryan Heartfield


CTO/Chief Scientist, Co-Founder


Dr. Ryan Heartfield has over a decade of experience in leading cybersecurity innovation across a range of industries in both the private and public sector, as well as academia. Head of Cybersecurity Research at Cyberlens, a start-up specializing in cybersecurity for smart manufacturing, Ryan is focused on developing an accessible cybersecurity pathway to Industry 4.0 for manufacturing companies undergoing digital transformation. He is also a Research Fellow at the University of Greenwich where he has published more than 15 articles in leading cybersecurity journals focusing on AI-driven intrusion detection and human factors cybersecurity. Ryan has previously held positions as a senior security architect for Splunk and UK Government, where he was responsible for leading the design, development, and delivery of mission critical security detection and response capabilities. He holds a PhD in Cybersecurity from the University of Greenwich.