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Ryan Heartfield | Head of Research and Innovation
[email protected] 

KPMG Canada
Roddy Govender | Senior Manager Cyber Security
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Mike Chen | Sr. Director of Solutions Technology Development
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Sean Garrity | Account Manager – BC
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Cybersecurity and IoT in the Plant: New risks in industrial IT and machine safeguarding

June 10th, 2021 11:00-12:00PM

Automation and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are reshaping production plants around the world. Smart sensors and devices can prevent injury, predict maintenance issues, and improve productivity. But these smart technologies and increased digital connectivity present new risks employers may not be ready to address.

Insights from a panel of international experts.

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In this webinar you will learn

  • How attacks using computers can affect the physical world—inside your production facility
  • Where connected sensors, devices, and networks in a plant may expose new opportunities for data breaches and ransomware
  • Key considerations for automation and machine safeguarding in the plant

If you are using (or considering) smart technologies and automation in your facility, don’t miss this important webinar.

Make It Safe Expert Series

Presented By

Roddy Govender

Senior Manager, Cyber Security
KPMG Canada

Dr. Ryan Heartfield PhD

CTO/Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

Mike Chen

Senior Director of Solutions & Technology Development

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