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February 2024
Harassment and Bullying

Workplace bullying and harassment—intended or not—can create a poisonous work environment that negatively impacts productivity. Workers targeted by bullies may be anxious coming to work and may not be able to respond and assess risk appropriately. Bullying can increase the costs of violence-related injuries and disrupts work and impacts morale.

Harassment is a form of discrimination that results in a worker being intimidated, demeaned, humiliated, or belittled based on characteristics of groups protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act—such as sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, and age. If it is not addressed promptly and effectively, it can impact relationships with employees and damage your reputation with your customers and clients. It can also affect your ability to attract new talent to your team. 

Adult bullies may:

  • Berate people
  • Exclude co-workers
  • Make snide or inappropriate remarks
  • Take credit for other's work
  • Threaten
  • Unfairly criticize

A full and comprehensive workplace health and safety program includes policies and procedures to respond to bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Basic Training
Available by e-Learning
Mental health is feeling good about who you are, having balance in your life, and managing life’s challenges. It is the responsibility of both employers and employees to protect and promote mental health in the workplace to ensure people are psychologically safe. For an introduction to the fundamentals of workplace mental health, start with this 1-hour online course.
Available by e-Learning
Employers, supervisors, and workers all have responsibilities under WorkSafeBC OHS Policies to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace. This Bullying and Harassment Awareness course is meant to offer training to workers on identifying bullying and harassment in the workplace, its impact and practical strategies to prevent it.
Videos & Webinars
On Pink Shirt Day 2023, join Dr. Steven Conway, MSABC Mental Health and Wellness Director, as he shares how harassment and bullying in a workplace is an occupational health and safety issue. By the end of this webinar, workers, health...
Harassment and Bullying Resources and Tools
Workplace bullying and harassment are behaviours that hurt, threaten, or frighten another person and can take many forms. Bullying and harassment can happen in any workplace, even if it’s not always obvious. This toolbox talk will help supervisors and managers begin the discussion with staff around recognizing and identifying workplace bullying and harassment.
In 2020, the CLC and researchers from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto launched the first National Survey on Harassment and Violence at Work in Canada. Nearly 5,000 workers took part in the survey offering a clear snapshot of how workers are experiencing harassment and violence. This initial report was released […]
An information fact sheet from WorkSafeBC with some basic information and links to legislation regarding bullying and harassment. Contains information for employers and workers.
Did you know that every BC employer is legally responsible to take reasonable action to prevent and protect workers from violence at work? In this session, learn how to recognize the warning signs of workplace violence, and better understand the current laws and regulations in BC. This session will help outline what steps one should […]
News & Blog Articles
An innovative work environment enhancement program from Sensitivity Training Canada, the 3-Step Respect in the Workplace Sensitivity Training program helps create workplaces that support mental health. Employers are required to protect the mental health of their employees while they are...
Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. Fostering good interpersonal relationships benefits everyone who works within an organization. The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC is pleased to announce our new partnership with Sensitivity Training Canada – a leading national provider...
Who does this impact? WorkSafeBC has announced that in 2024, as part of their Planned Inspections Initiative, they will be focusing inspections on the following manufacturing classification units (CUs). Historically, workers in these CUs are at higher risk for serious injury....