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New partnership with Sensitivity Training Canada will benefit Alliance members

Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. Fostering good interpersonal relationships benefits everyone who works within an organization.

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC is pleased to announce our new partnership with Sensitivity Training Canada – a leading national provider of training and services which help make companies respectful through workplace wellness and sensitivity training. The mission of Sensitivity Training Canada is to help companies create workplaces where people can bring their whole self, do their best work, and live their dreams.

Sensitivity training helps employees to become more accepting of diversity in the workplace and supports understanding and respect between workers. School yard bullies grow up and sometimes bring those same behaviors to work. Sensitivity training can help all employees understand what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate conduct towards others in the workplace.
Alliance members will benefit from:

  • 11 new courses. These courses are available as half-day workshops, 2-hour seminars, in-person or virtual training and include:
    • Sensitivity training for workplace restoration
    • Respect in the workplace
    • Cultural sensitivity training for diversity
    • Workplace anti-bullying and anti-harassment
    • Sensitivity training for employees
    • Sensitivity training for middle managers
    • Sensitivity training for executives
    • Resilience in the workplace
    • Anger management
    • Mental health awareness
    • Workplace anti-sexual harassment
  • Anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy and program development services
  • 8% off the regular cost of sensitivity and psychological safety training. An additional 2% residual goes to support the development of new Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC programs.

Ten percent of all proceeds from Sensitivity Training Canada policy and program development services go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada to support sick kids in your local community.

Sensitivity training is an important tool for companies to help employees work successfully with colleagues from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. We are thrilled to add this training to the catalogue of health and safety education courses available to Alliance members.