Prevent COVID-19 from entering your facility.

Monitor and screen anyone entering your facility, and support workers to stay home when feeling ill.

Educate workers to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms and reinforce that no worker should be at work if they are ill. Make sure that all workers understand your policy, recognize the symptoms, and know how to complete an online self-assessment or contact HealthLinkBC.

Support sick workers to stay home Recognize that employees may have anxiety related to sick time and staying home when feeling ill. Develop effective policies, and communicate often to support workers. Review your sick leave policies to ensure they are flexible and support public health guidance around sick time.

Ensure that employees are aware of the support available to them if they have to stay home sick or self-isolate. In addition to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, workers can take advantage of extra time to file income tax, mortgage payment deferral, and the BC Emergency Benefit for Workers.

Screening of employees, contractors, and any visitor to your workplace for symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, congestion). Conduct health checks in a way that provides sufficient physical distancing between the screener and the employee. To prevent stigma, ensure that employee health checks provide privacy, and keep employee health information confidential.

Moving through a pandemic or major crisis like this by soliciting feedback, treating people properly, and working together helps us build resiliency and be prepared for the next potential uptick of this thing.

~ Chris Inkster, Freeport Industries in a June executive panel on Leading the Recovery