As the pandemic has forced many businesses to make significant changes to operations and staffing to remain viable, the financial impact has triggered companies with employee retirement and savings plans to make temporary adjustments as part of necessary cost-saving measures. CapriCMW Group Retirement and Pension Specialists have been working with businesses to understand options they can implement while minimizing the effect on employees.

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COVID-19 virus magnified

COVID-19 update from WorkSafeBC

Expedited workplace closures – what employers can expect On April 11, 2021, an order of the provincial health officer (PHO) delegated specific powers to WorkSafeBC prevention

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COVID-19 safety planAs our knowledge of the COVID-19 virus grows, we need to review our COVID-19 Safety Plan to ensure that it remains effective and relevant to protect our workplaces and communities. Use this checklist as a guide to help strengthen your plan.
Beyond the mask – life after the pandemicby Andrea McKinlay Exploring the psychological experience of taking off our masks.   While many of us dream of the day we can step into a mask-less future, the thought of discarding them for good is a source of anxiety for others. For many, the mask has become a rule of engagement during the pandemic in many everyday scenarios. Masks are […]
The impact of crisis on workplace mental health and business sustainabilityPandemics, fires, heat waves, and floods. Since the beginning of 2020, British Columbia has experienced an unprecedented series of disasters  – from a global pandemic to a record-breaking heatwave that resulted in hundreds of deaths, an extreme wildfire season, and now catastrophic flooding impacting homes, businesses, and transportation routes. While these events have had immediate […]
BCCDC COVID-19 Checklist for Processing FacilitiesThis checklist is to guide processors and inspectors in evaluating COVID-19 control programs in processing facilities. Refer to the Guidance on reducing the risk of COVID-19 to workers in processing facilities for details.