For Employees | Responding with Respect Mental Health Skills Workshop

Responding with Respect: Workplace Mental Health Skills for Employees

Evidence-based research indicates early intervention can mitigate the impact of mental illness or mental health challenges. Employees are often the first to notice a change in a coworker’s behaviour, but lack the skills to speak with them about their observations and concerns.

In this workshop, employees will learn how to engage a coworker in a respectful conversation—to make them aware of the changes they have observed using safe and supportive communication skills.


Employees will learn how to:

  • Build their knowledge about mental health
  • Navigate the language of stigma
  • Understand the mental health continuum
  • Be aware of the impacts of mental health issues
  • Increase awareness of self-care for mental health
  • Use the 4R Action Tookit™ to develop skills to talk with coworkers

All employees.

Virtual Training

Register for virtual Responding with Respect: Workplace Mental Health Skills for Employees training online through our Learning Centre. Virtual training is delivered live by an instructor online with the video conferencing system Zoom.

There are currently no sessions available for booking.


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