Responding with Respect - Workplace mental health skills for managers workshop

Responding with Respect: Workplace Mental Health Skills for Managers

One in three Canadians experience a mental illness or substance use disorder in their lifetime. Many of us will also encounter challenges in maintaining our own mental health and wellbeing. All these situations can affect an employee’s well-being and impact their performance.

In this workshop, managers and supervisors build on their knowledge and skills and learn how to support an employee struggling with a mental health challenge or a situation affecting their mental health. A variety of activities and discussion opportunities, and relevant case scenarios maximize engagement.


Managers will learn how to:

  • Build Mental Health knowledge
  • Navigate the language of stigma
  • Use the 4R Action Toolkit™ for effective results
  • Identify practices for cultivating approachable leadership
  • Review the Duty to Inquire and Accommodations
  • Identify the application of 4Rs in urgent situations
  • Recognize healthy boundaries

Supervisors, managers, leaders, or those who advise them

Virtual Training

Register for virtual Responding with Respect: Workplace Mental Health Skills for Managers training online through our Learning Centre. Virtual training is delivered live by an instructor online with the video conferencing system Zoom.

There are currently no sessions available for booking.


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