Terry Holizki

Terri Holizki

Lawyer, Retired

A lawyer by profession, Terri was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1989. Terri has practiced law and has been the Chief Commissioner of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. She has also been the chair of the Board and the General Manager for the Saskatchewan Pension Plan.

Terri was the Industry Services Manager for manufacturing, young workers and the hospitality sector during her tenure at WorkSafeBC. In this position, Terri was a strong advocate for health and safety associations and helped support them successfully to deliver their visions. During her tenure at WorkSafeBC, she also identified and introduced partnerships between Prevention and non-WorkSafeBC entities.

Terri also assisted in the initial creation and funding of Make It Safe, a collaborative event providing occupational health education for the manufacturing sector between WorkSafeBC and the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, which has evolved into an annual event series organized by the Alliance.