machine safeguarding

Cybersecurity and IoT in the Plant: New risks in industrial IT and machine safeguardingAutomation and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology is reshaping production plants around the world. Smart sensors and devices can prevent injury, predict maintenance issues, and improve productivity. But these smart technologies and increased digital connectivity present new risks employers may not be ready to address. Hear from experts in this webinar on-demand.
Machine SafeguardingEvery day workers have to deal with hazardous energy from machinery and equipment. Are there safeguards in place to prevent contact with hazardous power, point of contact (body part and equipment) and ejecting material?
Automation, safeguarding, and machine safety in the workplaceApril’s 12 Months of Safety topic is safeguarding and machine safety. We had the opportunity to chat with João Paulo Vaz – Machinery Safety Consultant & CMSE® Training Advisor at Pilz Automation Safety Canada L.P., on this critical safety topic. Safety requires competence and attitude. Both can be developed. ` João Paulo Vaz How did […]