Communicable Disease Prevention PlanThis template is a guide to ensure that you have considered the communicable disease prevention measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, flu, colds, and other viruses in your workplace. Although you are no longer required to maintain a formal, written plan (unless directed by Public Health), by completing this checklist, you can be confident […]
Office ergonomics Self-assessment checklistThe goal of this self-assessment checklist is to help you to set up your office optimally for your self-productivity. This checklist is for reference only and does not replace an ergonomics workstation assessment carried out by a professional ergonomist.
COVID-19 safety planAs our knowledge of the COVID-19 virus grows, we need to review our COVID-19 Safety Plan to ensure that it remains effective and relevant to protect our workplaces and communities. Use this checklist as a guide to help strengthen your plan.
BCCDC COVID-19 Checklist for Processing FacilitiesThis checklist is to guide processors and inspectors in evaluating COVID-19 control programs in processing facilities. Refer to the Guidance on reducing the risk of COVID-19 to workers in processing facilities for details.