COVID-19 update from WorkSafeBCExpedited workplace closures – what employers can expect On April 11, 2021, an order of the provincial health officer (PHO) delegated specific powers to WorkSafeBC prevention officers. The order provides WorkSafeBC prevention officers the ability to serve a 10-day closure order on an employer with COVID-19 transmission when directed so by a medical health officer. WorkSafeBC’s […]
COVID-19 and returning to safe operationWorkSafeBC recognizes the importance of worker safety as businesses look to resume operations following COVID-19 related work stoppages or interruptions. The following materials provide employers with information and resources to assist them in ensuring the risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19 is minimized at their workplace.
Change to COR incentive payment method:WorkSafeBC has announced that beginning in May/June 2021, Certificate of Recognition (COR) financial incentives will be credited directly to the WorkSafeBC assessment account of participants who meet the program’s incentive eligibility criteria. This means incentive amounts will automatically be applied towards the oldest outstanding amount on the employer’s WorkSafeBC account or as a credit towards […]