Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC (the Alliance)

Behind the Brand
To serve our members better, our name was changed in 2016 to the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC (the Alliance). A new brand identity was developed to represent who we are and what we do in a more clear and straightforward manner.

A Brand Standards Guide was developed as a reference to help staff, partners, sponsors and stakeholders maintain the brand integrity to its highest standard.

Our Mission Statement
We are catalysts for improving workplace health and safety within the BC Manufacturing Industry. Our leading edge health and safety programs, services and tools enable companies to make a difference in the lives of their employees – every day.

Our Core Values

  • Trust & Respect. We support and rely on each other.
  • Integrity. We abide by strong ethical values and principles.
  • Care. We care for the well-being of employers, employees and their families.
  • Leadership. We strive to make the right choices, no matter how difficult, to achieve our mission.
  • Commitment. We are committed to providing exceptional service.

Our Vision Statement – 2020 Partnering with BC’s industry leaders to achieve cultural change that ensures safe workplaces for all employees.

About the logo

The letterform M was selected as the graphic to propel the concept for our brand. M for manufacturing. The mark is a symbolic visualization of the manufacturing process – repetition and reproduction – reflecting the process of continual improvement necessary for effective Occupational Health and Safety.

The slanted portion of the M conveys the act of doing, movement, and momentum, while the verticals represent a pause to reflect/evaluate. The corners are rounded to evoke a sense of friendly, nurturing guidance, which is at the core of our brand.

We are referred to as the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC or ‘the Alliance’ for short.