Nederman is a global leader for industrial air filtration technology and products dedicated to capturing, measuring, controlling and cleaning air to make industrial production more efficient, safe and sustainable. Nederman’s focus is to protect people, planet and production from the harmful effects of industrial processes, since 1944. Nederman is the clean air company that provides industry-leading products, solutions and services in combination with an innovative IoT platform to deliver data and information to optimize performance and guarantee emissions compliance. Nederman’s products and solutions help manufacturers efficiently capture dust, fumes, vapors, exhaust and harmful pollutants during various industrial processes to ensure product quality, equipment longevity, regulatory compliance and a safe, healthy work environment. Nederman solutions include systems for dust collection, combustible dust safety devices and management, dust and fume extraction for metal fabrication, welding and thermal cutting processes, vehicle exhaust removal systems. The Nederman Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The Group has 2,200 employees and is present in more than 50 countries. Products/Services Categories: Dust Collection & Filtration Fumes, Vapors, Odors, Aerosol Extraction Combustible Dust Safety and Compliance Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

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