Office ergonomics Self-assessment checklistThe goal of this self-assessment checklist is to help you to set up your office optimally for your self-productivity. This checklist is for reference only and does not replace an ergonomics workstation assessment carried out by a professional ergonomist.
3 safety tips: Ergonomics best practices for manufacturingErgonomics goes beyond stretching programs or choosing the right chair.  It is an important strategic consideration. In the manufacturing sector, employees are especially vulnerable to developing musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) due to several factors specific to their occupations. Risk factors such as heavy lifting, bending, awkward postures, reaching overhead, pushing or pulling heavy loads, and repetitive […]
Ergonomics as a strategy – poster presentation at 2021 World CongressSEE ERA’S POSTER Dr. Era Poddar MSC, PhD Ergonomics Specialist The 2021 World Congress on Safety and Health (September 20-23, 2021) included a virtual poster exhibition with more than 400 posters, including one by Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC ergonomist Dr. Era Poddar. Era Poddar is a specialist safety advisor and ergonomist who advises manufacturing and food processing companies on ergonomics and OHS programs while training and coaching local […]
Make It Safe On DemandWe were excited to see industry come together for the 2021 Virtual Make It Safe Conference & OHS Trade Show. With a record 544 registered attendees, Make It Safe connected business leaders, safety and HR professionals, and committee members with industry experts. More than 50 international presenters shared insights on workplace mental health, supply chain […]
Engineering MSI Prevention | Ergonomics and job-rotation pathway to safety at Mauser PackagingLangley’s Mauser Packaging Solutions earned the Occupational Standard of Excellence certification in September, with a score of 95 per cent on the robust OSSE audit. ~written by Jennifer Wiebe Mauser’s 160-employee Langley facility is part of a multinational corporation with 11,000 employees. The Langley packaging plant produces plastic pails and specialty containers for fruit packers, […]