Manufacturing & Export Enhancement (MEE) Cluster

 OUR MISSION: Build a Collaborative Manufacturing Ecosystem, Foster Innovation, Raise Awareness and Adoption of Process Improvement and Smart Manufacturing best practices in Western Canada.

Launched in early 2021, the Manufacturing Export Enhancement (MEE) Cluster is an industry-led initiative that supports growth and competitiveness of Western Canadian manufacturers. The cluster facilitates collaboration between:

  • Manufacturers
  • Solutions providers
  • Post-secondary institutions
  • Other like-minded organizations

We work together to de-risk innovation, accelerate technology adoption and foster growth opportunities for Western Canadian manufacturers.

The MEE Cluster strives to elevate the manufacturing industry by working with partners to:

1. Promote process improvement and Lean best practices through our LEAN Accelerator Program.

2. Promote LEAN as part of a safe work environment.

3. Promote inclusivity of under-represented groups in manufacturing.

More About MEE

The MEE Cluster is a not-for-profit organization; with both Federal and Provincial government funding to help Western Canadian manufactures adopt new technologies and digitization practices.

To learn how you can access MEE programs to support your manufacturing or food processing business, please visit us at or call us at 1-403-356-4935.

Contact our team for more information

Peter Krzesinski

Executive Director
Manufacturing & Export Enhancement (MEE) Cluster

David Rist

Program Integration Director
Manufacturing & Export Enhancement Cluster

Our Partners

Acera Insurance
Tetra Films
TJ's Workplace Hearing Testing