Partners in Safety

Partners in safety are suppliers or consultants to the BC manufacturing industry who have become Associate Members of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC.

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Personalized business insurance and custom risk solutions to give you the confidence and freedom to focus on what matters to you.

Need staff? Want to work? There are two sides to every job and we are here to provide solutions - on demand, 24/7. Evolving the way employees and employers connect, empowering growth without barriers. Canada’s premier digital full-service employment solution. Get on Grizzly Force today!

Disability management can be complex; simplify it with TeksMed.

TeksMed services is the leader in Canadian disability management. Empowering companies with personalized stay-at-work programs, TeksMed proactively manages employees’ occupational injuries and illnesses, benefiting both employees as well as employers.

Every dollar that is paid by the Board for employee benefits, impacts a company’s WC experience rating for 3-5 years following injury or illness. On average, companies are charged back three times the cost of benefits through increased premiums and surcharges. By helping employees recover and return to work more quickly, TeksMed reduces lost time and the cost of lost wages, resulting in significant savings.

Employees also enjoy front of the line rapid healthcare including FREE diagnostic imaging, specialist appointments and surgeries.

QuickCare Thrive Mental Wellbeing app – Free to members and non-members of MSABC for free through 2020. Start Thriving today!

Pilz is a complete automation technology supplier operating internationally. We supply components, systems and services for safe automation. Our components, systems and services will support you in the automation of your plants and machinery worldwide. Driven by our vision of "The Spirit of Safety", we will use all our passion and our knowledge to offer you the best possible automation solutions. We are automation specialists committed to safety!

We at Cesco we are a locally owned company, almost 40 years old and we specialize in the distribution of industrial automation, motor control and safety products.  We proudly support, Omron Industrial Automation and Safety, ABB Motor Control, Variable Frequency Drives and Industrial Safety products, nVent Hoffman Electrical Enclosures and Protection, Weidmueller Connectivity, Panduit, Red Lion Controls, MTE, Marcus Transformers and Eaton Fuse Gear.

Your experts in machine safeguarding. Safeguarding report and risk assessment from individual machines to complete facilities, safeguarding solutions from consulting to turnkey and client-specific safety system training for operations and maintenance personnel.

Agency Media is an all-in-house digital marketing company. We use data-driven strategy to produce content to help achieve your business goals. Let us help lift the fog of digital marketing and provide you, your team, and your business with the necessary tools to succeed and with support from industry experts. We understand your goals and how to discover the best solutions.

Dust settles, we don’t. Remove Dust specializes in the removal of dust, grease, other grime and bits of debris, from workplace areas that are hard to reach or hard to access. A specialized cleaning company is required to attend to these areas, due to the risk involved and the need for lift equipment, safety equipment and training, in addition to unique cleaning equipment, tools and safe techniques. Our dust removal and high cleaning services help businesses comply with WorkSafeBC standards for a safe and healthy workplace and help to prevent dust fires, explosions, health issues and contamination.

The Safety Admin Solution – It’s time for a better safety management experience and keeping track of safety has never been easier. Safety management isn't just red tape - it's essential to your employees and your business. At Safety Admin, we build the needs of high risk industries right into our system. Whether you are online or on the go, we've got you covered. The Safety Admin EHS system functions as a web application and a mobile app. Both include online and offline functions for safety management however your industry demands it: in the office, out in the field, or on the go.

Finder Components Inc is located in Burlington, Ontario, about 45 kilometers west of Toronto. This ideal location allows easy shipping routes for products being imported from Europe and sent out to over 390 of their customers countrywide. Finder Components Inc is the Exclusive distributor in Canada for Finder who offer many Electromechanical Relays and sockets, Timers, Interface Relays, and Thermo Regulation products. They also stock Pizzato who offer a wide variety of Limit, Micro and Safety switches. The Pizzato line has a wide variety of Safety Interlocks which range from a basic Safety Key solution, up to and including RFID options.