Communicable disease prevention resources (for COVID-19, flu, and other illness)

Effective January 7, 2022, employers are once again required to reactivate their COVID-19 Safety Plans. See COVID-19 Resources for more information and tools.

In Step 3 and beyond of the BC Restart Plan, except where mandated by Public Health, B.C. businesses were no longer required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan. In place of the formal COVID-19 plan, employers needed a communicable disease prevention plan in place. This changed on January 7 with the new Public Health order for workplaces.

Below, you will find resources, tools, and training for small employers to help prevent the spread of disease in the workplace.

CHECKLIST | Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

Use this easy, checklist-format template to ensure that you have considered the communicable disease prevention measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, flu, colds, and other viruses in your workplace.


Masks Required

Print this 8.5 X 11 poster and post on the entry door to your worksite. Editable pdf allows personalization by including your company name and

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COVID-19 safety plan

As our knowledge of the COVID-19 virus grows, we need to review our COVID-19 Safety Plan to ensure that it remains effective and relevant to

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Exposure control plan

This template is presented in coordination with an April 7, 2020 webinar on Exposure Control Plans. It is intended to support the development of a

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