Town hall: Omicron Q&A for business

January 20th, 2022 11:00-12:00PM

Should you make any changes in your COVID-19 Safety Plan for Omicron? What is the latest guidance on masks and ventilation? What questions do you have about booster vaccines and access to rapid tests for your staff?

In this virtual town hall:

  • Get answers to your questions on vaccines and testing from a medical health officer
  • Learn from an occupational hygienist what the latest recommendations are for mask and respirator use in your facility
  • Ask questions on fit testing for different types of respirators
  • Bring your specific questions to this hour dedicated to employer Q&A

Presented By

Michael Schwandt MD MPH CCFP FRCPC

Medical Health Officer
Vancouver Coastal Health

Lisa McGuire CRSP, ICD.D

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

Miranda Miller MSc, CIH

Occupational Hygienist
Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

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