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Technology in the Plant: Automating COVID-19 Controls

July 28th, 2020 9:00-10:00AM

As manufacturers and processors rushed to develop new protocols to protect workers and continue essential operations, the pandemic challenges in their plants sparked new collaborations to design innovative technology solutions.

TheĀ SmartConeĀ Task Force is one fascinating example.

On Tuesday, July 28, we have invitedĀ SmartConeĀ CEO Jason Lee to show you how a group of technology developersĀ are designingĀ an eco-system of automated tools to manage COVID-19 risk in a production environment:

In this webinar you will learn

  • See how companies are deploying wireless and wearable technologies to monitor physical distancing and simplify contact tracing
  • Find out how companies are combining thermal imaging and self-reporting to automate employee screening
  • Look at the latest innovations in sanitation, disinfection, autonomous cleaning, and tracking
  • See how companies like DHL and Exelon have deployed integrated and automated systems to reduce risk
  • Look at the possibilities for monitoring, measuring, and tracking new integrated solutions to build worker confidence in the safety of your facility
  • For COVID-19 and beyond, take this hour out to explore new possibilities with technology solutions to drive production, efficiency and workplace safety.

Presented By

Jason Lee

SmartCone Technologies Inc .

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