Exalens are the first and only cybersecurity company to provide innovative cyber-physical AI monitoring for manufacturers to securely enable their Industry 4.0 adoption and operations.

Our solution responds to the greater risk from both cyber-attacks and cyber-faults that the manufacturing industry is facing across the whole operational supply chain because of the industry’s digital transformation, resulting in potential high impact security and safety incidents. In response to this challenge, our Virtual Security Analyst platform delivers unprecedented monitoring across IT, OT, IoT systems in production lines, by seamlessly combining, analyzing, and correlating high risk network and physical machine/process activity, to automatically spot and report incidents to IT and production teams at machine-speed.

Exalens are alumni of the prestigious UK NCSC For Startups Accelerator, winners of the NCSC Cyber Den at CYBERUK 2022 and have received recognition as one of the top cybersecurity UK startups that are developing game changing innovation that protects and enhances the manufacturers operational and digital transformation.



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Dr. Ryan Heartfield PhD

CTO/Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

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