Recover at Work Best Practices

May 10th, 2022 1:30-3:00PM

In Recover at Work Best Practices, get new tools, resources, and takeaways to support your return-to-work program and your employees.

Presenters Julie Taylor and Elise Kobylanski are Employer Return to Work Program Managers within the Return-to-Work Services at WorkSafeBC. Their backgrounds include injury management, nursing, insurance, and case management from both injured worker and employer sides. They partner with employers in BC to foster sustainable change to Recover-at-Work, Return-to-Work, and injury management practices with the goal of reducing the impact of disability on workers and employers.

In this webinar you will learn

  1. The why, what, and how of modified work
  2. How to move ahead in a collaborative way that reduces barriers and gives better outcomes
  3. Where to go for help with your program

Make It Safe Expert Series

Presented By

Elise Kobylanski RN

Manager Client Services, Return to Work Services

Julie Taylor CDMP, CEBS

Manager, Employer Return to Work Program, Return to Work Services

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