Hidden Health Risks in QA Tech

March 30th, 2021 11:00-12:00PM

Many Employers Unaware of Risks and Responsibilities with X-ray Equipment

From quality assurance of electronic components and non-destructive testing to the detection of bone fragments in processed meat or checking bottle fill levels, the use of x-ray, radiography, and laser inspection technologies has become across many industries.

When x-ray equipment in the plant is operating as designed, and as installed by a qualified manufacturer, we assume that it is safe, but we cannot rely on assumptions to protect people.

What happens when the machine is moved, not maintained, and begins to wear? Radiation risk is invisible. As many industries discovered with the widespread use of asbestos, the impact of exposure may not be apparent for years—possibly many years.

If you use x-ray equipment for QA, you have a responsibility to evaluate how you are protecting your workers and applying safeguards to properly manage the risk.

In this webinar you will learn

  • What the risks are and why employers should be concerned
  • Why WorkSafeBC considers radiation an emerging risk area for employers
  • Why you need an x-ray safety program, and what a program looks like
  • Where to find the training and resources you need to build your program

Presented By

Jasmine Kalsi MSC, OEH

Occupational Hygienist
Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

Tara Hargreaves

Staff Scientist and Manager of Training
Radiation Safety Institute of Canada

Colin Murray BA, CMIRM, FIRM, MBA

Senior Manager, Risk Analysis Unit
WorkSafe BC

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