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Connect with Dave Smith – Owner & Lead Trainer at Cobot Safety

Working with machines: risk, prevention, and safety with cobots and automation

February 24th, 2022 11:00-12:00PM

Working with machines presents many opportunities for safely improving productivity. New, collaborative applications reduce the proximity between worker and robot, introducing a host of new benefits and potential hazards.

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In this webinar you will learn

In this session, learn:

  1. The risks associated with automated machinery and the use of industrial robots (particularly collaborative robots)—and how to address them
  2. Key considerations for people working in and around cobots.

Attend this session to understand the industry safety standards to ensure you can implement collaborative robotics safely in your operation.

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Dave Smith

Cobot Safety Owner and Lead Trainer
Cobot Safety

Hossein Sinaei P.Eng, M.Eng, CSSGB

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