Bridging the Future Skills Gap

May 23rd, 2024 10:30-12:00PM

Industry Town Hall

Economic pressures, staffing shortages, and an aging workforce are creating new pressure on British Columbia businesses to adapt. As companies invest in new technologies such as automation and AI to compete, a substantial skills gap is growing. A generation of new workers needing to develop expertise.

We face a growing need to attract skilled people and to upskill existing team members to work safely and effectively in this changing environment—with a new set of risks to assess and control.

And this is only the beginning. A Harvard Business Review article last October observed that the half-life of the value of a skill has decreased dramatically—from 26 years to less than five in many cases. The need for upskilling and reskilling will be a constant in our future.

A clear path forward to support skills training and qualification—and address emerging risks—is mission critical.

In our demanding day-to-day, how do we stay ahead of these needs? How can we collaborate to keep our people and our businesses sustainably competitive and safe?

Don’t miss the insights of this expert panel into innovative strategies and next steps.

Join the discussion to address these challenges and opportunities—and to better understand the path forward!

Presented By

Alan Arcand

Chief Economist
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

Lisa McGuire CRSP, ICD.D

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

Bobby Sidhu CRSP

Program Head, Occupational Health and Safety

Craig Ogilvie

Vice President of Supply Chain
BC Tree Fruits

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